The 3rd Annual “Toasted Owl Gives A Hoot” Run/Walk

by altardy on October 30, 2012

 The place to be on October 29th was at the Toasted Owl on Main St. in Northampton, Ma..

This is a special race to me, because close friends of mine and myself put the race on to benefit The Cutchins Program.  This is a local organization doing great things for kids and families in crisis.  Fred Gore is the owner of the great pub and restaurant and he was the first smiling face, and the 1st in a big cast of characters  that I would be with that  day.  The race was Fred’s idea and it was his research that found the Cutchins Program. Fred is a true friend with a heart of gold (and a cool pair of sunglasses).

Also part of our organizing group are Dawn (fund-raiser for Cutchins), and Scott Keiter (owner of Keiter Builders) both of whom are great friends with hearts bigger than they are. 

This is our 3rd year and we have already seen it all weather wise.  Our 1st year it was a beautiful sunny, warm day, last year was a blizzard and this year we had all the potential problems of Hurricane Sandy.  But you know what??? All 3 years we have had a great turn out of just a cast of characters and a day of fun for everyone.  With the addition of a 2k (that’s right a 2k) race and walk we are attracting new runners and all the serious 5kers too.  Our goal, with a few tweaks and adjustments as we go, is to have 1000 runners and walkers so we can donate a boat load of money to the Cutchins Program. 

I have 7 more entries after this one with pictures and surprises.  However, since there are so many great pictures there will be a lot of pics and just a few words with each.  The way to navigate to them all is to click on each “new entry” til you run out and then click the “October archives” to find the rest.  Read and enjoy and then mark this race/walk on your calendar for next year, you will enjoy every minute.                



Hey Al,

It’s Angela from the bank..What do you think of idea of fundraising event for Hurricane Sandy (Red Cross)?? I’m thinking of starting something to help those that depserately need us. Thanks

Hey Angela, I think it’s a great idea. Best way to contact me is my cell 330-9422. It’s rare that I get to my computer. Hope you had fun at the race. You looked great. Al

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