by altardy on March 20, 2018

Brian Donoghue is one of the two race directors for our race.  He is energetic, enthusiastic, tremendously knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.  Also he is a great husband and father of three.

I have been working with Brian on the Saint Patrick’s committee for about 7 years and have learned a lot.  In the middle of all the chaos of putting together and putting on a race as large as this one he is always the rock that everyone needs to lead the way.  To call him me friend is an honor.

Brian working with the runners, registration, sponsors and a million other things makes the impossible look easy.

Jim Wildman is the other race director.  He has created a tremendously improved course.  Jim has listened closely to the runners and added/subtracted and redone things on the course to make it a safer and better course to be running.  He has also done many other things around the course to help the runners.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a picture of Jim because he was out on the course the entire day.

Read all the entries so you can see what a great day Brian’s, Jim’s and all the other committee member’s efforts created.

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