by altardy on March 20, 2018

Pictured here a some of the almost 500 volunteers that come to race day and help us make the day a successful event.  Without volunteers none of these type of events, or many other events, would not exist.

In this picture are all personal great friends of mine.  Amongst them are some of a runners club called the Wormtown Milers.  For the third year in a row they have brought with them, from an hour away, a large group that takes over the tee shirt table and many other slots in the registration tent.

What you need to know is that this race brings 7000 runners and over a thousand walkers.  So, what they do are not easy tasks.  Many members of are committee attribute a great  continuous flow in the registration tent to their presents there.

Here are two friends that were not in the tent when we took the picture.  They also came from an hour away just to lend a hand.


Here are pictured an even larger group of friends at my car enjoying the end of the race and each other’s friendship.  Running and races like this bring so many people together, many of which see each other only that one day of the year.  But they all leave with a great feeling of accomplishment and memories of a super day shared.

There are 5 more entries with lots of pictures,  So check them out.


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