August 2012

I Was Drawn To Julia’s Garden

by altardy on August 21, 2012

Ever felt like you were drawn to go somewhere for no explainable reason.  For me North Attleboro on August 19th was one  of those places. As I was looking online at races I might want attend, something kept drawing me to Julia’s Garden.  As a person that has followed many gut feelings, I decided to go.  Most races form to raise monies […]


Welcome To Julia’s Garden

by altardy on August 20, 2012

Many of you that follow my entries are used to reading about runners and all the people at the races I attend, those pictures are in the next entry.  I just wanted to some of the wonderful things in Julia’s Garden.  The amazing kid and family atmosphere is so awe inspiring that I felt I […]


Here are some pictures of runners and volunteers at the Butterfly 5k. Kerilynn, and Liam were there to enjoy the park and cheer on Luke. With the park so family oriented, a day at a race is also a day for the WHOLE family to enjoy.  When I first arrived at the park I wanted to ask questions […]