I Was Drawn To Julia’s Garden

by altardy on August 21, 2012

Ever felt like you were drawn to go somewhere for no explainable reason.  For me North Attleboro on August 19th was one  of those places.

As I was looking online at races I might want attend, something kept drawing me to Julia’s Garden.  As a person that has followed many gut feelings, I decided to go. 

Most races form to raise monies to help find a cure for a disease or an organization needs funds to do good things and many are in memory of someone, and that is wonderful.  Many of the fundraising runs I help organize are for those purposes. But Lynda and Wally’s mission goes beyond those lines. They lost a daughter, Julia, at the young age of 9.  In Julia’s memory they have not only begun raising and donating money, but, they have used some of those monies to create a place.


A beautiful park/playground/garden for parents to bring their kids to have a family day together.  There are slides and huge sand “boxes” and unicorns and butterfly benches and beautiful flowers and picnic tables and and and peace and tranquility to enjoy time together as a family.

It’s a place where Julia’s heart, soul and spirit can be seen, felt and touched everywhere. Can there be any better way to give back to the world the beauty of a daughter.  Lynda, Wally and all involved are beautiful people on a beautiful mission.  Please check out their website www.juliafoundation,com and see for yourself memories in motion.  Also, check out the next 2 entries about the race and the magnificent place.  Then mark this race in your calendar as a “gotta run” for next year.           




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