January 2012

I had seen, on the weather channel, that it was going to be near 60 degrees on Saturday, January 7th.  Being a runner I thought I’d look into doing a road race.  However, could I find a yearly race that runs in January and actually has people showing up???   I not only saw that Lexington, […]

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Tee Shirts And Shorts In January

by altardy on January 8, 2012

You know it was a beautiful day in January when AFTER the race many people were hanging out in tee shirts and shorts.  With temperatures around 60 degrees everyone was comfortable and smiling. Inside the building I found Lara,  Rich(552), and Sharon.  Rich is in the process of doing the 50 marathons in 50 states.  At this […]


    There are many people working behind the scenes to make a race a great race.  I’m not just talking about the volunteers that organize and put on the race.  Many times there are companies that donate time and product to the participants.  Meg and Kylie were there handing out free bottles of a […]


Good Bye 2011

by altardy on January 5, 2012

  I found this at “Good For The Sole”, a newer runner’s shop on Strong Ave in Northampton, Ma..  Thought I would share it with you to start the new year off.  There  will be some great additions to both this website and the Tardy Foundation.org site.  I for one am glad to see 2011 […]