My Curiosity Was Aroused–Lexington, January 7th

by altardy on January 8, 2012

I had seen, on the weather channel, that it was going to be near 60 degrees on Saturday, January 7th.  Being a runner I thought I’d look into doing a road race.  However, could I find a yearly race that runs in January and actually has people showing up???  

I not only saw that Lexington, Ma. had a 5k, but in looking into last year’s race results, I saw it had almost 600 runners last year.  You DO remember last year and the winter we endured??  I felt if this race was drawing those numbers, in that weather, there must be something special going on in Lexington.  So out I went.

This  will be one of my best decisions in 2012, even though it’s only January.  What a great race, put on by a great group of people with hearts of gold.  Picture with me are Chris, Cathy, Trisha, Una, Stacy, Ines (a cancer survivor) and Lynn.  These women, with Chris, Cathy and Ines as lead organizers, put on a stunning event.  

The race/walk was to raise money for cancer research and to increase cancer awareness.  They had the American flag flying and sang the National Anthem just before the start.  With just those 2 items I was totally in favor of this race being a huge success.  And a success it is.  From their start 2 years ago with 250 runners, they went to almost 600 last year and hit an even 900 this year.  As a person who is always organizing, or around organizing, I know when an event and the people putting it on have a certain magic to them.  And this event and these people have that magic.   It showed in how they handled every part of the day.  The food, the music, the awards, the entire atmosphere was magic.  If you weren’t there, you missed a great day and need to be there next year. 

You need to check out  to see what they and their mission are all about. 

Steve and Bill were at the registration table when I got to the race.  Little did they know 900 people were headed to their table that day.  Read the next two entries and see how great the day was in Lexington.

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It was wonderful to have you at the Resolution Run to Kick Cancer on January 7. Thank you for capturing the moments in your race blog. Your accomplishments and sportsmanship are an inspiration for other runners!


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