Tee Shirts And Shorts In January

by altardy on January 8, 2012

You know it was a beautiful day in January when AFTER the race many people were hanging out in tee shirts and shorts.  With temperatures around 60 degrees everyone was comfortable and smiling.

Inside the building I found Lara,  Rich(552), and Sharon.  Rich is in the process of doing the 50 marathons in 50 states.  At this point he has finished 10 in 10 and goes under marathoner as he’s wears his jester costume.  Sharon is a half marathon kind of person, but, loves the comoradery of the 5ks.  Lara was at one of the information tables associated with the different forms of cancer.  

I met Dan, Mike and Mike (the Bruins Team) in the parking lot at the end of the day.  I told them of the 24 hour, 5 person, relay around a track I was talking to the timing company about and I think they just may work on being a team to be watched for in the event.

In this picture are David, Julie, George, James, Jing, Andy, me, Christina and Ashley.  This was a fantastic group of people who had come together to the race and were enjoying their friendships and the great atmosphere.   

Henry and Danny were sitting on some of the grass just enjoying the lack of snow, the sunshine and the crowd.  The friendship that can be shared due to the sport of running is a great thing.

There is one more entry about this race after this one.  Read it and keep checking in to the blog section on new and exciting info.  Always feel free to leave a comment or email me at tardy4@comcast.net .

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