Behind The Scenes–A Trophy For Me??–And” Well Hello There!!!!”

by altardy on January 8, 2012



There are many people working behind the scenes to make a race a great race.  I’m not just talking about the volunteers that organize and put on the race.  Many times there are companies that donate time and product to the participants.  Meg and Kylie were there handing out free bottles of a newer drink for helping athletes called “Hint”.  Not only was the drink delicious and refreshing, but, I am now going to start talking to a rep about a possible sponsorship for my big run.

Then there is the timing company. These people truly amaze me in what they are able to do and with the speed in which they do it.  I had met Ryan (far right) at a road race in Cambridge, Ma. months ago.  He and Mike (wearing the coat) created a timing company called Race Wire.  By the time people were starting to look for the race results they had already been posted on a wall.  Everyone was surprised with how fast they were. In the picture are (l-r) Andrew, Mike, John, and Ryan. Check them out at


The only problem I had with the timers was when I found out that while I was talking to them outside the building about the Cambridge race and an event I need a timing company for,  Cathy was announcing to the crowd, inside the building, that I was getting a “good sportsman” award for my efforts to give of myself for others.  “Thank You,  I am honored and  and humbled”.

And then it was “well hello there”.  I found a dessert table that helped cap off all the great other foods that I had enjoyed after the race. 

All in all the race in Lexington is one that I enjoyed tremendously.  I experienced why the race has become an amazing success in just a few short years.  Please do yourself a GREAT favor and put this race on you calendar for next January.  Go do it right now so you don’t miss it while you’re starting out your 2013.  Come help fight cancer and have a great time.   


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