About Al

Although in my first run I actually averaged 58 miles per day (more than two marathons!), and hold the world record for the most miles per day in an unassisted run across the country, I will probably never run a marathon.

In the time that has elapsed since my first run, I’ve developed an ambition to inspire those who consider themselves “average runners,” as that is what I consider myself–”Average Al,” if you will. Though I do have great respect and admiration for those who utilize their passion for running through marathons, triathlons and the like, I’ve realized that average talent can be put to great use. For example, to raise money for those in need.

Welcome to the Running with Al Tardy website. I hope that I will inspire you to use what you may view as average talents to find great fulfillment in your own life.

I invite you to read my blog and to sign my Guest Book.

Keep smiling,

Average Al