And Now For Pics Of Some New Friends

by altardy on September 10, 2012

Here are some pictures of the people I met as new friends to share the day with. 

Chris(#958) was at the race almost as early as I was. He parked right aside of me in the parking lot, and as you saw in a previous entry, there weren’t many others there that early.   

Jen, Mel and I met after the race, but, look at my number and Mel’s number.  We were in registering at the same time a couple of hours prior to us meeting.   

Kim had a smile that belonged on this website so I could share it with others and have them smile along with us.

And the 2 guys with the wigs!!! I haven’t a clue who they were, but, they did add to the fun atmosphere of the day.

This was my 5th or 6th time to the Canal Diggers 5k.  It is my favorite race of the year and one that I know you will enjoy tremendously. So put it on your “gotta do” list for next year you’ll be glad you did. 




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