Now For Some Of The Runners And Volunteers At The Butterfly 5 K

by altardy on August 20, 2012

Here are some pictures of runners and volunteers at the Butterfly 5k.

Kerilynn, and Liam were there to enjoy the park and cheer on Luke. With the park so family oriented, a day at a race is also a day for the WHOLE family to enjoy. 

When I first arrived at the park I wanted to ask questions about the race, the day and the course.  Veronica and Susan were the first smiles I walked up to and all my questions were answered.  They helped start the day knowing that it was going to be a great day.

Annyo, Nancy and Sandy ran the race and shared stories about their run with me afterwards.  

Marilyn was a volunteer at the race.  If you have read many of the entries in my blog you know that volunteers have a special spot in my heart.  I know that without them, all the races we runners go to would not exist.  Next time you go to a race of any sort, take a few moments and thank the volunteers.

Beka and Barry are people who love to race both running and bicycling. Both, also, do a lot of their running cycling for charitable causes.  Great hearts and great people.

 DO NOT MISS THIS RACE NEXT YEAR.  Come and experience a run, a place, a cause and a child remembered in such a wonderful, wonderful way.  “Thank you”  to Lynda and Wally for having me share in your vision and your daughter’s memory.

Go to the site and see what great things exist because of Julia and you will be able to tell that she truly is still in Julia’s Garden.  







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