Finally After 30 Years

by altardy on July 14, 2009

Who you see in these pictures are 2 people who 30 years prior were doing the same crazy thing, on the same roads, at the same time, just a few hundred miles apart. David McGillivray ( you might know him as the race director of the Boston Marathon and president of DMSE ) and I were both running across the U.S. at the same time. We did not even know of each other’s simultaneous efforts until David was told about me at a motel in Sheraton, Iowa where I had stayed just a week or two before. What is unique is that we spoke on the phone once or twice and then for the next 30 years we never communicated. However the picture of the two of us in the restaurant is the first time we ever met. It was on the date of my 30th anniversary of the finish of my run, August 5th 1978. Dave and I had been communicating for a short time by phone and email and he took some time out from his schedule when I asked if we could finally meet one another face to face. The other photo is of David and me outside of Fenway Park. This was the celebration of the 30th anniversary of his finish. Dave raised money through his run for the Jimmy Fund and was sponsored by the Red Sox. To commemorate his 30th anniversary, he reenacted his finish into Fenway. I was proud to be a small part of his celebration and see the people’s appreciation for his efforts. I’m sure more about mine and David’s run will be written as this website grows.

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