Finishing Day 1978…Time to focus on the next run

by altardy on August 11, 2009

Sorry about the lapse of time since the last entry. The pics you’re looking at are from the finish line from 31 years ago. the cluster of 4 pics shows the banner I crossed to officially bring an end to the run, Jeff Easley (the Spina Bifida poster child that year) in a miniature version of a corvette, and a gathering of Spina Bifida Assoc., corvette people from as far away as Ohio and Michigan and me. In the 2nd shot piece you see on the bottom the picture that the top of the web page was created from. If you look real close at my left hand you might see some of the newest technology of the day back then. Give up? There is a 16 mm camera in my hand that allowed me to take some of the pictures you may see mixed into the blog later. The gentleman on the left is my step-dad Angie. He passed away a couple years ago but was a tremendous help and support through my life. The top picture is packed with quite a bit of things. In the front you have myself, Jeff in the mini again, his dad and my brother-in-law Rocky helping Jeff guide the car to the finish line and you can see a small part of the 1000s of people that lined the 2 1/2 mile stretch of road I covered to finish the run. What you can only see a small piece of is the 65 corvettes that were following me the finish line. 1000s of horse power and 100,000s of dollars worth of cars at their 1978 values. The mayor of Northampton proclaimed it “Al Tardy Day” and the most expensive parade to ever hit the city. You will I’m sure see and hear more about the last run but I will get back to the present in the next entries. Hope to hear more from you and see you somewhere soon.

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