You Can Do More Than You Realize

by altardy on September 18, 2009

Two pictures of me with a friend you will be hearing more about in entries to come. This is Billy Sheehan. Billy is a trainer, a coach, a speaker, and a consultant. We met for the first time when I went to Boston to join in Dave McGillivray’s 30th anniversary of his Trans-America run. Dave ran the same year that I did on most of the same roads and was about 2 weeks behind me. Billy is pictured with me outside Fenway Park which 30 years prior was Dave’s finish line, as he finished by running into Fenway. Dave, last August, reenacted that finish. Billy and I have, amongst other similar beliefs, the thinking that people put too small of limitations on their physical abilities. He knows what Dave and I have accomplished and as a coach knows that many people think what we’ve done is way beyond their capabilities. Not only in the running fields but in other sports and life in general. Many of his speeches are geared to opening people’s eyes to their true potentials. A prime example is the other picture which was taken at the “Run For All Ages”. I’ve already written about this race and the fact that people in their 90’s were running. Check out and listen to him and me ’cause we will both show you that you can achieve greater things than your own mind will allow you to realize.

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