Plastic Peace Of Mind

by altardy on September 22, 2009

You are probably wondering why I’m devoting an entry in the blog to porta-potties!!!!! Well, having run 30-40 different races in the last year and a half, I feel I just need to say something. Planning a gathering of people (especially runners) and the number of places available prior to race time to, shall we say, complete you eating and drinking ritual before running, should be given some special thought. Pictured here, if you could really make them out, are about 70-100 porta-potties. This picture was taken at the CVSCaremark 5k in Providence, R.I. on Sept 20th this year. This was my 2nd time to this race in 2 years. Now they do attracted 8500 plus runners to this race. That # of people would immediately indicate you NEED a large number of these plastic comfort stops. Where I scratch my head is when I go to a race that has over 500 runners and there is ONE porta-potty. Or another time when 1200 plus runners showed up for a half marathon and a 5k to find only 3 or 4 porta-potties. This sent the guys looking for the woods and the women going into every restaurant and gas station in walking distance. Soooo—if you are reading this and you are planning a race—or—if you know someone who is—remember there is comfort in numbers.

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