Tons Of Pictures

by altardy on September 27, 2009

Thought you might like to meet one of the people that help me behind the scenes. This is Sean. He works in the photo dept. at the Walgreens close by my house. He has helped me as I have moved from the one use, disposable camera, to 35mm, to my current digital. He hasn’t laughed at my lack of knowledge. He has giving me input when I’m indecisive about which pictures might work better with the way I’m trying to use them. He’s developed 100’s of the pictures that I’ve taken and it’s just been nice to share what’s going on with him. I’ve said soon I’m going to bring in a picture of the stacks of pictures I have spread out on a desk top. You may wonder why I get hard copies of all the pictures I have already saved on my computer? I do it because so often I’ve seen people with tons of pictures saved on their computers or on discs and they never look at them. A picture on paper, in my hand, is worth more then 100,000’s of pictures never seen again on a disc because it’s too much hassle to take the time to look at them. “Thanks Sean” for helping me observe memories.

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