Where’s The Booth????

by altardy on September 27, 2009

If you’ve been reading these entries yo would understand that this particular entry is way over due. I got my butt kicked in a road race on the Saturday of the July 4th weekend. I then needed to find a way to put the beating behind me. So, what did I do?? Like they say “if you fall off a horse the best thing is to get right back on”. I went to the Internet and found myself another race for the next day. The fact that it just happened to be at a brewery had nothing to do with the selection—–RIGHT.
Early the next morning I jumped into my jeep and headed to New Hampshire. To the Red Hook Brewery I headed. After the 2 1/2 hour drive I found the place I planned on making me forget about coming in last in a race for the first time in my 40 plus years of running.
I parked my jeep and headed enthusiastically toward the growing crowd and all the booths that were set up. However I noticed that I couldn’t see a booth to be able to register on race day. “Well that’s weird” I thought “how can I sign up if there’s no booth?”. So I decided I should tell on of the volunteers at one of the booths of this booth they forgot to set up. Once again—-RIGHT.
Turns out the day after coming in last in a race for the 1st time in my life-I found the first race in my 2 years of running road races that you had to have signed up in advance, online to participate. And I was told there were no exceptions and that Jeanine (the race coordinator) was not expected change to rules for me.
The announcer, Mike, helped me find Jeanine and after whining and crying—I mean explaining my situation— she brought me to meet Holly. Between the 2 of them they decided I probably would not be able to run, but, “hang in and we’ll see what happens”. I didn’t just hang in. I hung out closer to them than their shadows on that beautifully sunny day.
A 2 1/2 hour drive and a 3.1 mile run between me and hanging out with all the people I was watching get ready to run. And they were all so happy. And I could begin to smell all the food that was going to be served afterwards. I am now sticking closer to Holly than her shadow. Ten minutes before the race I was somehow given the #2198. I’ve never actually checked but I think there were 2198 runners that day. In my head I was saying prayers of thanks foe Jeanine and Holly for letting me join in the day. I realized as I was saying these prayers of thanks that they were because I was being allowed to have a great time at a brewery. I felt God was probably laughing at me and saying “As long as you drink responsibly, have a great day”.
In the pictures are Jeanine, with me and the band in the back round, Holly, who gave me the number probably so I would get away, and the crowd that was part of my therapy to forget the race the day before.
“Thank you” Jeanine and Holly. Sorry it took so long to tell everyone about the great day I had because of you. Although I should be somewhere in Canada running around July 4th next year, I’ll be thinking of you. And when I get back up there the following year for the race I promise you will have seen my name in the online entrants.
Check out this great time at www.runnersalley.com

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