New–Old Friends

by altardy on November 24, 2009

If you could turn the clock back 2 years, I could look you in the eyes and say “I don’t know anybody in these photos except myself”, and be 100% correct. But now, 2 years later, that would be very incorrect.

You have actually seen all 3 of these people in this blog section of my site more than once. In the top photo I am with Dick Hoyt and Billy “The Coach” Sheehan. Dick is an “Ironman” Hall Of Famer and we’ve run (sorry about the pun) into each other at many races. My daughter at her 1st race was able to meet Dick almost as she was just arriving. Billy has been helping me in many ways as I move forward in trying to organize this next run. He is truly a great friend.

Jessica I met at a 5 miler in Haverill, Ma. last year and now at the Run For All Ages twice along with several other races since. She’s always smiling, very competitive, and is always just a pleasure to see.

Getting to meet these people and to be able to call them friends has been more than worth traveling all over to go run races.

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