Possibly A Beginning

by altardy on November 24, 2009

Believe it or not these 2 photos are related!!! The first picture is me with Emily and Monique at the Run For All Ages race on Nov. 1. They were handing out a newer sports related drink to all the runners that wanted to try it. They told me about the drink and the company both of which peaked my interest. They were able to provide me with the info on how to get in touch with a rep. from the company and a few days later Jessica (2nd photo) and I were able to sit and talk, obviously in Boston. Jessica is the north east rep for Vitacoco and we are discussing the possibilities of a partial sponsorship with my run.

This entry should show you the stories that can be found at a road race and that there is alot of activity going on with my run that we are working to put together.

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