Chickens, Antlers And Elves

by altardy on December 22, 2009

The cast of characters were out in full force for the Somerville, Ma. Jingle Bell Run on December 13th. The sun was bright, the temps in the 40’s and people’s spirits were bubbling with the holiday merriment.

The top picture was taken in a Davis Square Pub after the race. Michelle and I had seen “some” guy running the race in of all things–A Chicken Costume???? A half hour later as we’re ordering our glass of carb replacing solution we looked up and— there was the chicken. Turns out Brian runs alot of races in his chicken outfit and says he’s gotten more mileage (sorry about the pun) from this costume than any other one he’s owned. Michelle, Brian, Brian’s gal Katie (who will be pictured the next time I do entries, because I developed the wrong pic—Sorry Kate) had a great time that day talking and sipping.—–Note Michelle and my antlers. Design flaws with both left antlers apparently.

The 2nd pic is me with a whole table full of antlered runners. Counter clockwise, according to Amanda, are Amanda, Kathleen (a marathoner), Meghan, Jen, and Shuli (according to Amanda’s hand writing.

The third picture is of Michelle and I with pre-race antlers. This was our second race together, because, it was only her second race ever. The race was suggested to us weeks before by people that never showed up to run it themselves. Oh well, their loss. We had a ball. The sea of red hats, costumes everywhere, her best time ever, great weather and a dad and daughter hanging out as best friends. What a great experience the day was.

If there was an ward for best costume picture #4 would have gotten my vote. You had 7 people running together, with Rudolf in the lead, Santa in a sleigh (can’t see him but he’s there) and a group of the sweetest looking elves to ever make toys. These reindeer costumes had little, battery powered electric fans that kept the costumes inflated. They also had a rope that went from Rudolf back to the sleigh and they stayed in formation all the way. AMAZING

So–see what you missed while watching the BIG game on tv. 5500 crazy, happy people running, enjoying each others company and bringing in the holiday spirit.

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