You Have Made The Pile

by altardy on February 3, 2010

What is this a picture of? This is a picture of the pile of pictures I took this year while running road races all over the northeast. I kept them in one big pile until a couple weeks ago. They are now nicely organised in photo albums. My friends used to have fun when they came to my house. They could pick any picture out of the pile and I could tell them who was in the picture, where the race was and what the day was like at race time.

If I met you and took your picture you are in this pile. There are also many pictures of people that just caught my attention during a race. To all those that made it into this pile “Thank You” for making 2009 a great year. I appreciate the new friends I have made and the new places I’ve been. I hope you continue to communicate and we not only stay in touch but meet again.

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