Here He Is Again

by altardy on March 24, 2010

This is “The Good Samaritan Culprit” and his wife. If you went back to the early entries in the blogs you would know who this is, even though he’s trying to hide behind the sunglasses.

After my run across the country I spent 30 plus years just running on my own and not participating in any of these crazy race things. It was Bill Sullivan, through the enticement of drinking beers with friends on St.Patty’s Day, that opened my eyes to the new age of road races. And because of meeting all you crazy runners my dream of running Alaska to Florida was reignited. So I tell people that you can blame all the money I will be raising for charities through my running on Bill “The Good Samaritan Culprit” Sullivan.

Although the sunglasses make Bill and his lovely wife Leslie look like famous people willing to hang out with me that day, let me share my thoughts on the glasses. It was a beautiful day for the race. 70 degrees plus, with no clouds and a very bright sun. Note how close we are standing and also note my hair line. Again take note of the cloudless, sunny sky.

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