A Cure Is Coming

by altardy on June 13, 2010

This entry is way overdue. I apologise to all those that have been waiting. These photos are from a race to benefit ALS and finding its cure. I went to this May 1st 5k and was treated to a great group of new friends with a mission–find a cure for ALS. Volunteers, as I have written about in the past, are vital to the putting on of all the races you have out there. Shirley and Deb were the first of the people I turned to for help in registering and finding out about the charity. They connected me with Jen, Shirley’s daughter, who was the organizer for the event. Jen was everywhere you looked that day, doing everything and helping everybody.
Shirley also turns out to be one of those ultra distance running competors. She spoke so humbly of her accomplishments, but, I was impressed and amazed.
Matt was hard at it, also. He was doing all the sound for the event, from music to the microphones for all the people speaking and many things beyond that.
Mary Deal is an MD and turned out to, possibly, be the reason I was there. She is a tremendously active activist for ALS. As some of you already know and some will find out in future info on the website, the national charity that I was suppose to be running from Alaska to Florida for pulled the plug on all involved in January. This has put the run on hold as we search out another charity.
Mary is now trying to link me with people associated with ALS research and support. You never know what life is trying to tell you.
Lexington was a great race that you should put on your calender for next year.
A couple sites to check out about Als—–www.als.net— www.cureiscoming.org

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