Who Cares How You Did….What About Your Story

by altardy on July 6, 2010

June 26th turned out, for me, to be one of those days I always preach to people about. I picked the Fitchburg Police Association Community Five to run that day. Why? Because I had never been to Fitchburg and I like to meet new people.

Why was it a day that I had to listen to my own preaching? Because although it was a beautiful day I had one of my slowest 5k times that I can remember. And, since I preach “who cares how you do…look around for your story for the day and enjoy the people” I decided to do just that.
I met Mark who was the organizer of the race and the day. He did a great job leading to one of the best turn outs they had ever had. The money raised each year goes to a local cause and has raised thousands of dollars to give back to the community.
Mark had also gotten Stacey and Brenna to pour glasses of consolement for me so I could forget about my bad time and refresh myself. “THANK YOU” ladies for the easing of the pain.
I also met Pam and Matt. Matt is a pretty serious competitor in many athletic events. Pam, however, did her first race ever that day. She did great and I hope to see them both at other races so I can track her progress for you to read about.
Cindy #42 has been in my blog from other races. She has only been running a short time and I’ve seen her take honors in her division. She was there with (l-r) Courtney, Cathy(Cindy’s sister), and Claire( Cindy and Cathy’s mom). That’s right 3 generations and the 4 C’s.
You have already read a few entries prior to this one about this race and this day. I hope they show that even a bad day of running is still a good day to have run.

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