The Day Was A Winner

by altardy on August 2, 2010

Here are some more pics from the Steve Garon Memorial 5k. Top left is a picture of just a small part of the crowd and festivities that day. Top right is one of the two firefighters I saw that showed their feelings for Steve Garon by running the race in full fighter attire. Lower right shows some women pushing one of the three strollers that showed up looking like fire engines. Then you have the three strollers as they were presented to the crowd to pick a winner in the fire engine/stroller competion. Which stroller won??? I’m not going to tell you, because in my eyes the strollers, the kids and the entire crowd made the day a winner in showing their feelings for a friend, a comrade, a husband and a great man. This was a very memerable day for me, too. Put this in your calender as a “GOTTA RUN THIS RACE” event.

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