I Messed Up

by altardy on October 4, 2010

In over 2 years of running and writing about races I have never lost any information. I have, however, misplaced the names of the people in these 3 pictures from the Smith Fall Fit 5k. I apologize tremendously to those pictured. If you would email me your names I promise I will put you in the site with your own special spot.

I can tell you that the left picture is the Smith College swim and diving team. They called their group “The Most Apeeling Bunch” and took 2nd place in the team running competition.

In the middle picture is (I think) Abbey. She was taking pictures for the event and I’ll bet she didn’t lose her info like I did.

On the right is #29 and her daughter. She had run this race as her first race ever.

We all had a beautiful day and a wonderful race to meet each other. This is a growing race that is raising money for education and deserves the success it has had and I know it will continue to grow.

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