Your Story And Great People

by altardy on October 22, 2010

Here are pictures of some of the great people that showed up to run in the Paddy’s Road Race. As you can tell I met Eddie and Julie after the race. We met while listening to great Irish music in Paddy’s Pub. Carbo loading is the favorite part of a race for all 3 of us.

Kayleen and I saw each other before the race. We noticed each other partially because she was wearing her Boston Marathon wind breaker and I was wearing mine. The coats have a way of opening people up to each other because—-well just because.

Michelle and Craig arrived at about the same time as I did so we parked facing each other. I also saw them while running the course. Their friendly smiles made it easy to ask for a picture.

You should run this race next year so you can enjoy the runners and the volunteers (some of whom you’ll meet in the next entry).

To me every race is a place to find your story for the day. It’s people like all these people that make the story of the day a great memory.

Go to this race next year and you will find a great story for yourself.

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