Helping Hands At The Toasted Owl Gives A Hoot 5k

by altardy on November 3, 2010

Although the picture of the two guys putting together the framework for a tent may seem to be doing it in the day light—they are not!!!! Thanks to modern technology and image enhancement you are able to see them. I took this picture long before the sun started rising. Don (on the left) owns Northampton Rental Center.

Don donated the tents, the grills, the propane and things I don’t even know about to help us to be able to donate more money to the Cutchens Programs. Steve and Don came long before the runners to set things up and came back long after they were gone to take things down. Don is a long time Northampton businessman who has a heart of gold and has donated many things to charitable events in the area. And, he has done so from his heart and not for the publicity.

Matt is the manager at the Toasted Owl. He also plays in a band and brought his sound system with him to help in many ways. Music, microphones, a sense of humor to lighten the day, and a lot of patience in dealing with myself, the other organizers, and everybody that had questions but couldn’t find us. He is truly a great guy that helped make the day run smoothly.

There are 2 more entries after this one that you will enjoy. KEEP READING

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