They All Kicked My Butt

by altardy on November 9, 2010

I don’t consider myself a bad runner, however, all but 2 of the people in these pictures crossed the finish line before me.
—I met Shawn and Kevin as we were getting ready for the start of the race. I promised to buy carbs when we were done and as you can see I made sure we replenished ourselves.
— There are 3 victory medals in the group picture. And I’m sure you can also see I’m not wearing one. Jordon (with an “on”-I got it right Jordon), Andrea, Amber, Alex and me, Alan. As you can also see all our names begin with “A” except for one–right Jordon—-Only kidding around.
—Erin and I ran most of the race fairly close together. At one point she started breaking away and I set my sights on finishing ahead of her. Finally I caught up, went by and thought to myself “haha”. Typical male mistake right Erin??? Sure enough a quarter mile to go and the finish line in sight and-and-and there she goes past me (probably thinking “haha”) and all I saw was her dust. Good job Erin. At least we know how to enjoy the after race celebration.
—And then I met Denny in the food line. Turns out we both knew some of the same people in the running circuit. Little did I know he was sporting one of the medals a bit later for his race performance.
—I hope you noticed that I didn’t say which of us came in where in the race!! That’s because on my business card it reads “Be proud of YOUR” talent level” and that’s what it’s all about. I hope you did, also, notice we were all carbo loading and smiling. And that, too, is what it’s all about.
—The day was great–The people were great-The race was great. Take the time next year to get down to Mary Kay’s Pub for the Team Mickey Ward Run you will enjoy the whole day.

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