Running With Turkeys And Finding "People" Stories

by altardy on November 22, 2010

—I tell people that they should look for their story for the day when they go to a road race. I find many stories before, during and after the race. The race in Milton, Ma. on November 20th was no exception.
—The story you find can come from those that are watching. Steve was helping with the set up of the gym that was being used for registration. He talked humbly about his running back round. As we got to talk, however, I found out that he has run the Boston Marathon and 3 other marathons. That might have some of you hot shot runners beat.
—The story can come from the runners in the race. As you can see I was running with a bunch of turkeys that day. (L-R) Andrea, Maggie, Jill, Mellisa, Frank, Kathy, Ted, and Dan ran with hats looking like a cooked turkey. As we were running, there was talk about Andrea having taken her turkey off and that she should be disqualified for “not being a turkey”. The conversation was all in fun, but, they were surprised when I called her out on it at the end of the race.
—The story can come from the volunteers like Dan and Kelsey. Dan works quite a bit with the kids involved in the Best Buddies Program. Kelsey helps and also is a ballet instructor, and the race that day was her 1st race ever. “Congrats” to you Kelsey and “Thanks” to both of you for you giving hearts.
—And, the story can come from the organizers and runners that enjoy a great day and the rewarding feeling that comes from helping others.
—Check out and you’ll appreciate their efforts, too.
—Look for your story for the day. It’s all around you and waiting for you to find it.
—Next year get to the Milton Globbler 5k and you will find these stories and many of your own. I guarantee it.

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