A Bartender And New / Old Friends At Slattery’s

by altardy on November 30, 2010

—The first picture you see here is of Beth and myself. Beth was the bartender at Slattery’s the day of the Turkey Trot. She was instrumental in helping the runners replenish their bodies with glasses of carbs. And those glasses lead to smiles and great conversation.
—Cindy and I have seen each other at several races this year. I usually see her before the race and after the race because she is always way ahead of me during the race. She many times heads home having won her age division. She’s humble about her running talent and in my eyes that makes her a great runner.
—Pam, Matt and I met this year at another race in Fitchburg, and they have already been in one of my stories. Two wonderful people to know and hang out with—CHEERS.
—Denny and I met at a race recently in Lowell, Ma.. Always non-boasting about his running but always bringing home a medal.
—I truly feel good about all the traveling I do, just to run, when I am reunited with friends like these at different races.
—All the good times and great time with people came to us thanks to the Slattery’s Turkey Trot and Pub in Fitchburg. Absolutely take in this race next year you won’t be disappointed.

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