Speedy #22 And More Great People

by altardy on December 7, 2010

—I could show you alot more pictures from the Middlebury race on Dec. 4th beyond these and the ones you’ve already seen. You would easily be able to tell from everyone of them why the day was so great. All the people were just a pleasure to meet and get to know.
—Lindsey(top left) was there with friends Dan(#22) and Kelli. We got to know alot about all of our running experiences. They, also, expressed a real interest in participating in a 24 hour team relay event that I am in the middle of organizing. I was able to see Dan both behind me and then ahead ahead of me during the race. Once he got past me he was long gone and uncatchable. Kelli was doing her 1st race since coming off an injury and did real well.
—Otis was traveling the course in a cruiser keeping the runners from having to worry about dealing with cars while trying to focus on running.
—Tony and another firefighter ran and worked the race. I think it’s great when people step out and help a cause in multiple ways.
—You can probably tell, after looking at all the pics from Dec.4th, why I came away from the race that day tremendously happy to have traveled to Middlebury.
—“THANKS” to all that I met for such an up lifting experience.

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