They Raised My Spirits While Helping Others

by altardy on December 7, 2010

—The Middlebury Volunteer Fire Department building on December 4th was the setting for the 1st annual Middlebury 5k to help Compassionate Care ALS. This is an organization that is dedicated to helping both the people with ALS and the families that need help in many ways in dealing with their situations.

—Courtney(#665) was the driving organizer. I watched as she was everywhere doing so much, including running the race, and doing it all with an energy filled smile all day long.
—Ron, the main person for Compassionate Care ALS, is seen on stage after the race with Courtney. Check out the great things Ron and his organization do at . His organization helped Courtney and her family in times of need with Courtney’s grandmother, whom she lost not too long ago.
—Chris(#484) also lost a relative and was helped by Compassionate Care. Chris also was seen nationally on “The Bachelorette Show”. Chris and Tyler ran in the race and Chris helped with awards and other things after the race.
—Something I never talk about is the fact that once in a while my spirits are not very up. I am almost always up beat and smiling and trying to encourage others. For some reason the morning of the December 4th Middlebury race I was sitting in my truck, in the parking lot of the fire house, an hour and a half early (as is my normal), but I was for some reason in a very down mood. I was even thinking of heading an hour plus ride back home without running.
—I love to run, I love to meet people, I love to hear people’s stories and write about them. But I thought to myself, while sitting in the truck that morning, “I’m just not up for this today.”. What made me get out of the truck and go inside to register I’ll never know. But, meeting the people and feeling the energy and looking into some of the people’s eyes started lifting my spirits. By the end of the day, on my ride home AFTER the race, I realized what a mistake going home, and missing meeting these people, would have been. I had a most wonderful day because of the great people that were there.
—“Thank you Courtney. Thank you to all those there. You lifted me up and made my day great”
—To all that follow these writings —check out this race next year and go enjoy these wonderful people.
—Read the next 3 entries and you will see some of the excitement that was there that day.

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