A Dollar-A Penny-And 11 Cents–Welcome To 2011 In Lowell, Ma.

by altardy on January 3, 2011

— What were you doing at 5:30-5:45am on January 1st. Since I had stayed out bringing in the new year until around 1:30 New Years Eve, I was wondering why I had decided I was going to run a race 2 hours from my home that started at 11:00am. And, if you have gotten to know me, you know I like to get to the races 2 hours early (i.e. wake up 5:30, out the door by 7, little voice inside saying “what the h___ are you doing?”, arrival in Lowell at 9am).
—The first photo you see is the sun coming up on January 1, 2011. In case you missed the rising sun on the new year, I took this picture out of the windshield at 75(oops) 65 miles an hour just for you.
—After arriving at the Elks Lodge, along with watching the sun rise, I started feeling better about following through on my race decision. Then I went inside to register and there were Pam and Pam with their great smiles, and I knew I was in the right place. Plus, somehow knowing the night I had had, the organizers put pretty woman at the table who had the same names. I’m convinced they were there so I wouldn’t appear a complete idiot trying to remember 2 different names. Thank You. Plus the Pam on my right remembered me from a race 2 years ago in West Chelmsford.
—I have a secret to share with you. So don’t tell anyone–ok??During the week leading to this race I kept talking about doing the 10k run (both 5 & 10 k were offered). But when I walked up to register, after the long night, early alarm, and 2 hour drive I registered for the 5k.
—So what’s the picture of the coins???? Absolutely true story. As I walked back through a parking lot to my truck after registering, I noticed a round object that looked like a token of some sort in a puddle. I, for some reason, picked it up and while sitting in the truck I wiped it off. Turns out it is a $1 coin. On the way home I stopped at a rest area on Rt90 and when I got out of the truck I noticed a penny at my feet. So I picked it up. When I got back to my home area I went and got my pictures developed and while paying at the register I noticed a dime and a penny on the floor, so I picked them up.
—I don’t normally spend my days looking for money on the ground….IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING. But for some reason that day I noticed these coins. Later on that day I realized I had found a dollar, a penny, and 11 cents. You might already know where I’m going with this. And I believe it to be coincidence. But, I found 1 dollar, 1 cent, and 11 cents(in that order) on 1/1/11 . Personally I just thought it was kinda cool. And It proves, however, that it pays to run. TRUE STORY.
—There are some pictures showing some of the great people that were at this great race on such a great day that you can see and read about in the next entry.
—Go and enjoy this race next year. You’ll truly be glad you did.

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