by altardy on May 10, 2011

Here are 6 1st’s for you. Joe(orange shirt) is a humble giant of a runner.  You can tell he’s good, but, when I asked how he did at the Holyoke Police Foot Pursuit race he told me he had done “ok”.  If being the 1st place finisher qualifies you as-ok-then he did “OK”. Just a great guy to know.

Deb and I 1st met at another local race 2 years ago.  Another humble runner, who also does triathlon.  As you can see as humble as she is about her abilities, she took 1st place in her division.  Good running Deb. And–yes–she beat me by a long ways.

Steve has come in 1st during his running career.  One of those times just happened to be in the 1984 Chicago Marathon.  Not only did he finish 1st, but, he set the marathon record.  He is one of the most humble people you will ever meet, always encouraging others that he’s around.

Joe and Brian had 1st’s that day, too.  The run on May 7th was both of their 1st races ever.  Welcome to our world, may you enjoy it and never leave.

There you have it.  While you were off doing something else that day 1st’s were abounding at the Holyoke Elks Club with the running of the 1st annual Holyoke Police Foot Pursuit 3.5 Mile Road race.  Put this on your race schedule for next year and you’ll have a 1st worth while of your own.

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Hey Al,
I have that photo you wanted of the police academy. Where can I upload it or send it to you?


please email it to tardy4@comcast.net thank you.


Hi Please send the pic to tardy4@comcast.net Thanks Al


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