I Run For The Smiles

by altardy on May 10, 2011

Here are some of the women that ran the Holyoke Police Foot Pursuit 3.5 miler at the Elks Club on May 7th.  Cheryl(Bruins shirt) and I finished with our hands clenched and arms raised high. I was pretty cool and it kept another woman from beating me.

Jessie was on a mission of mercy for part of the day. I saw her carrying 12 ounce bottles of carbs by the 6 pack to help poor carb depleted people as they were finishing the race.  A great person to have on anyone’s team.

Christine and I have met at other races.  And I learned then that if I want to feel good about how i did in a race I need not inquire about how much they beat me by.  But with smiles like this the sun shines no matter what the weather.

This was a great race and a great day.  The Kids of the community benefitted not only from participating that day, but, from the funds raised by the effort of the Holyoke Police Department.

Attend this race next year and enjoy the run, the great setting, the great people who are there and knowing that you are helping kids.    

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