Where The Heck Is Whitinsville?

by altardy on June 5, 2011

I was looking online for a race for the June3-4 weekend.  I came across a race in Whitinsville, Ma.. Not only had I never heard of the town before, but, it seemed that none of the people I mentioned the town to knew of it’s whereabouts either.  Thank God for yahoo maps.

But, traveling to places I’ve never been to meet runners has been something I enjoy doing.  So June 3rd I was off to Whitinsville.  What a great place and race it turned out to be.  They had a 1 mile walk, a 5k, a 10k run/walk, and also a 10 mile, 25 mile and 50 mile bike ride.  So–I did them all—just kidding.

The event was to raise funds for Alternatives Unlimited, Inc.-a non-profit agency helping individuls with psychiatric or developmental disabilities live meaningful lives in the community.  They serve over 1200 people in 55 places throughout Central Mass..  A great cause in what turned out to be a great place on a great day.  www.alternativesnet.org

I’ve got 3 entries for you to read about the race and the people I met.   But, 1st, here are some photos showing the wonderful atmosphere surrounding the event.   

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