A Few More Pics From Katelynn’s Ride

by altardy on June 9, 2011

Here are a few more pics from the 93.1 Katelynn’s Ride.  You can always tell who is an organizer of an event. Just look for the ones running around like crazy people.  Dan was everywhere but kept that calm cool look as he fielded questions from every direction.  I was able to stop him long enough to get a picture and congratulate him and all involved on their successful efforts.  

Margarete(#383)  is an old friend that I didn’t even know was a biking enthusiast.  See what  things you discover when you venture out and attend fund raisers.  And the last picture is to take away some of the excuses you might be using to not get out and do something different with your idol time, no matter how small it might be.

Again my hat’s off to Dan, Kim, Steven and all those that participate in putting on such a meaningful, heart touching, and fun event.  If you haven’t been part of this ride you need to be. Be there starting next year.  Stay tuned into 93.1 and show them your support of their dedication to community.    ‘

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