Dan, Kim And Katelynn’s Ride= $1.500,000 For Cancer Research

by altardy on June 9, 2011

I can still remember 11 years ago hearing Dan Williams, dj on 93.1 fm, talking about a fund raising  bike ride  he was starting.  It was in memory of Katelynn, who at a very young age had died from cancer.  Sounded wonderful, but I was a runner.  I listened to them talk about it and felt happy for the success of the event, but never felt the urge to check it out. This past weekend was different.  I listened to Dan and Kim (and producer Bill)  talking about how the ride was now in it’s 11th year and had raised $1,300,000 dollars for the Dana Farber. I had to go and check it out.

Having run a road race the day before, and dealing with a small injury, it seemed like the time had come to go meet the creaters of such a successful fund raising event.   I am so happy I went.  It was great to finally meet the duo I had been listening to for over a decade and get to meet their daughter, Jillian, that I had heard so many stories about.       

Hundreds of bicycle riders were  there. Everyone was excited and were treated to a sun filled day of riding, music, food and family while contributing to such a worthy cause.  Dan, Kim and the other organizers (you’ll meet Steven in my next entry)  are truly “Heros Amongst Us” and doing it in a very humble way.

It’s NOT an easy undertaking to put an event such as this together(trust me I know through experience), but they continue year after year. They deserve tremendous pats on the backs, cudos, and any other praise you can throw their way. 

Check out www.93.1.com and let them know that their efforts are not going unnoticed.  I truly was thankful that I–the runner–decided to venture into the bicycle world that day.  Congrats and “thanks” for all that you are doing.  The total after last weekend was over $1,500,000 raised. 

There are 2 more entries after this one.  Check out the crowd that came to ride.   

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