Old Friends, New Friends, And Just An Average Guy

by altardy on June 29, 2011

Here are some of the people who I was able to hang out with at the NCCC convention.  Matt was the “techi” that made sure all the pictures I used during my speech actually came up on time. 

Denny(blue shirt w/sport jacket) and his wife had a long discussion.  Denny was one of the people that put me up at his house during my cross-country run.  I haven’t seen him since those days and I was able to officially thank him and catch up on life since the event.  “Thanks Again”  for your help.


Jerry was around the time of my last run and him, Tammy and I were able to share some stories at the Mayor’s reception.

Kayla and her husband were in Tinley to race their car.  She has done a lot of running, including marathons and triathlon.  She said that I didn’t “look like a runner”  which to me is actually a compliment.  My mission is to show “average” people  that they can do great things in life.  So–I guess I look like an average guy to her and I’m setting out to do great things.   It’s All in how you look at life.

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