Let The Speech Begin

by altardy on July 2, 2011

The time for speaking had arrived and I felt ready.  Having arrived 3 days early to Tinley Park, I was able to meet most of the people I was about to speak to. So I felt like I was talking to old friends.  I did tell them that  most of my friends back home would pay me to shut up, and we all got a laugh out of that piece of truth. 

I was given 15-20 minutes. But,I felt so at ease with the atmosphere and the message I tried to express , I felt I could have gone on for an hour.  Something I was saying I knew was hitting home with some of the folks, as I saw tears running down some of their cheeks. And less than 5 minutes after I finished talking, a couple of people started talking to me about both speaking and possible sponsorships of my next big run. Such a wonderfully humbling experience.

     The NCCC gave me a week I will never forget.  A place to be, with a message to share, with people and a common bond to put us together for days.  Many of the stories from that trip are in entries that follow this one.  Make sure you read them all and see what wonderful folks I was able to share part of my life with. 

But it was the efforts of Dave and Larry,whom you’ve already met, along with Jim(helping hold the check) Joan’s husband and ESPECIALLY Joan that made the trip such a great experience.              

You can’t put a price tag on what I experienced. Nor can I put my thankfulness for their efforts into words.  There are no fitting words for the deep thanks I owe you all. 

“THANKS TO YOU ALL”.  May life reward you for your efforts to provide a wonderful event for people to gather and enjoy commaradery, stories and life.

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Al, this is truly great stuff. This is the kind of thing that makes for a better world to live in! Keep being you buddy. Thanks for the inspiration!


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