Celebrating 33 Years Ago By Looking At Today And Tomorrow

by altardy on August 20, 2011

I must apologize for the lack of newer entries over the last month.  But a lot has been going on behind the scenes.  August 5th was the 33rd anniversary of the day I finished my California to Mass. run. Although I have spent most of the previous years looking back on the past,  this year I decided to look more at the present and the future. 

I am grateful just to still be around to celebrate each year.  The first 2 people I spent time with were Erin who is a special person and friend–AND–is the national co-ordinator for my next run. 

Jeff is not only the owner of “80 Jarvais” a great newer restaurant in Holyoke, he is a friend with a great heart–AND– is one of the board of directors of the Tardy Foundation. 

   I just felt starting a 3 day celebration about the past should be spent with people talking about the future. 

There are 2 more entries about the weekend.  Check them out and get ready for some more entries to come soon.

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