Tavern In The Square–Tavern To Tavern 5k—-Thank You, Thank You, Thank You–I Needed You And Not Just Because Of The Beer

by altardy on September 5, 2011

It had been 2 months to the day since my last road race.  I’d been side lined with a foot injury.  If you’re like me, or if you know me, being unable to do the thing you love–run and go to races to hang out with the crowds–is like being a race horse stuck in the starting gate watching the others run and biting at the bit wanting to join them.

That’s right it had been what seemed to be an eternity and I was not going to take it any longer. BUT WHERE TO GO????

Well, let’s look–I”ve never been to Cambridge–it’s a Tavern to Tavern run–sponsored by Sam Adams.  This race had “WINNER” written all over it.  And I was not disappointed.

   If you missed this race-you missed a great time.  Ryan, Dan and Raina were the first organizers I ran into after arriving.  They answered any questions I had and set the tone of the day with their smiles and great nature, even in the midst of the chaos that all organizers go through on race day.

Then at the end of the race there were Nora and Natalie who made sure I got water and food and glasses of carb tickets. They were my very important link to what was awaiting all the runners and walkers.  


This glorious group of people were the heroes to all that participated.  Emily,Marissa, Ty,myself, Natalie, Jamie, Jehan, Rick (who you knew was running the show at this end of the race, because he was running around like a mad man) and Katie.  These were the people filling the beer cups and the food plates cleaning and doing all the STUFF  so all the participants could enjoy their day.   

The Tavern In The Square (both of them), in Cambridge, Ma.  and all those that put the event on did just an outstanding job.  I have run approximately 150-200 races in the last 3-4 years, and I help organize races, and I will say this was one of the best that I’ve ever been to and at a very important time in my running life.  I truly don’t think I could have made a better choice.

“THANKS TO ALL OF YOU”  I appreciate the effort and the day.  I have 6 short entries after this to give you a glimpse of the fun at the Tavern In The Square. 

You can feel free to email me at tardy4@comcast.net

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