My Tribute To 9-11

by altardy on September 11, 2011

VERY shortly after the towers came down, a friend of mine and I had enough of “thinking” about going down to help somehow.  We jumped in my car and went down. We were told that with my friend’s ability to do animal massage we would be needed and we probably got further into the site than most people that know us realize. 

A short time later is when the dogs that were being used to help find bodies in the rubble were called off.

I am usually a person(as many know) that is never short on words, however, the memories and emotions still run too deep and strong for me to try to put how I feel into words.  So, instead, I have this entry and 3 more short entries from having been there as my tribute to all that were lost and all those that responded and still live their lives with their own memories. 

The picture of the flag is one that I took at my favorite race (The Canal Diggers 5k) this past weekend.  It has the names of everyone that lost their lives due to 9-11.  Seamus ran with the flag in one hand and pushing a stroller with the other.  I felt that the picture needed to be here. 

I will be writing about the Canal Diggers Race over the next couple days so keep checking in.  But for now give me the space to remember.      


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