True Blessings In Worcester

by altardy on September 13, 2011

These women have a special spot in my heart. When my daughter, Michelle, decided she wanted to start running and join me in running a road race, it was a special moment for me.  However, I needed to bring her to a race that she could enjoy.  That was a simple decision–The Canal Diggers 5k in Worcester has always been my favorite race by far.

It would be a good race for her to start her race world with because it has always had a great atmosphere, with an easy course, and a good turn out.  OH YEAH…and there was free beer and one of the best feasts anywhere. 

Well that was the race and the place.  It, however, was the place for her to start because of an unexpected intangible.  Any person who has run a road race can probably remember your “first one” when you didn’t know what to expect and the butterflies you had were beating the crap out of your enthusiasm. 

“What if I come in last”–“what if I trip and look stupid”–“maybe I shouldn’t do this I don’t want to embarrass myself in front of anyone I might know”.  And for my daughter my words weren’t all that reassuring because I’ve been doing races forever. And in her eyes she couldn’t relate. 

Stephanie(116), and Becky(707) were at that race and now have another running partner in Kerry.  It was Stephanie, who at that same time was running her 1st race, and Becky, being another woman, that shared their current and past feelings about road races that put my daughter a bit more at ease.  Especially Stephanie since she was experiencing the same 1st race heeby geebies as Michelle.

Because of them before the race and then at after race party that Michelle, (and I) had a wonderful day as daughter, dad and running friends.  This race and these people have a special spot in my heart that even they may not totally understand. And Kerry has been a wonderful addition to the group. 

Thanks again to you for your friendship. You once again made my trip to Worcester extra special.

There are more stories about this great race.  Check them out and don’t hesitate to email me.




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