These Are Your Local Heroes And Dream Team

by altardy on September 26, 2011

—Nick Riley (pictured with Ernest and me) brought his  own construction business–Riley Construction–to the rescue.  He and his family and friends are the true local heroes and local “Dream Team” in this whole story. His efforts and those around him are  put forth by very few people in this world. When help was needed to build a house for the family that had lost their son, Nick stepped to the plate.  This was truly a home run.

—Other people pictured are Nick’s wife Kate(with Sam, Rick and myself),  Erin and Nick’s sister Jen, Lisa, Amy and Cassandra.  You need to read the story through all the entries to follow  just to get a very small view of the tremendous efforts they put out to help someone else.  

—I am tremendously proud to now know, and call friend, Nick and all those that assisted him.  I watched you all work tirelessly to get everything right and complete.  “Congratulations on a job MORE than well done.”  

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