Volunteers From Near And Far

by altardy on November 5, 2011


Pictured with me during one of many “final” clean-ups are Purcella, Jessica(runner girl was the nick name I gave her) and Shannon.  Purcella took a bus from Phoenix just to come and help out. —-“Purcella when you read this please email me as I have a few pictures of you I can send.” 

   Walt was one of the very special people from Joplin.  He, like quite a few people I worked with, had lost their homes in the tornado.  Even though he was not selected by Extreme he came to help his neighbors rebuild theirs.

And Jon is a pastor in Joplin.  He had come to help and we met in the food tent.  When  you read a few more entries you will read about the infamous steamed grilled cheese sandwiches.  I was about to sit and eat one.  It and I could have used a special blessing.

There are a good number of short entries to read after this one.  You may have to go to the November archives and once you read those there is a spot you can click “previous entries” to lead you to the rest.  Their not long and when you see me with a sunrise and a sunset you will have finished.

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