My Search For Smiles At The Joplin Build

by altardy on November 17, 2011


The hours we all worked were long.  The work was not easy.  So, every once in a while I would need to search out some smiles to help pick my spirits up.  As you can see I was successful in my search. 

The four ladies are Extreme Makeovers– Texas Women–as they called themselves. 

The yellow and white tent is where people had to check in before being able to go to the build site.  The Missouri Southern State University woman’s track and field team were volunteers that morning, sooo, how could I resist a picture with them. Front row are Taylor and Sydney.  Middle row(l-r) are Emily, Lindsey, Jasmin, Mahogany, Whitney, and Ashleigh.  Back row(l-r) Kylie, Shelby, Lisa, me(like all my guy friends reading this even noticed I was in the picture), Emily and Channell.  

Another part of the track and field team were raking and planting on the site.  Front row has Patty and me.  Back row has Alex, Shelby, Amber, Jeanna and Nicole.

And don’t have the name of the gal with the smile, but, I do know her smile helped make the day just a little better.         

There are many more serious entries to read.  But, I thought I’d write on a bright subject here.  Keep reading the other entries and, also, keep checking in for the rest of the story to come.



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