Volunteers Of All Sorts Make The Day Happen

by altardy on March 21, 2012


If you’ve been reading my blog entries for any length of time, you will have read many stories of praise for the volunteers that help put on the races we all show up and run.

Jeff is a great friend who is also a member of the local Rotary Club.  The club has a booth at the St. Patty’s race each year and they raise money to fund their great causes.  Jeff also owns a fantastic restaurant in Holyoke called 80 Jarvais and is one that you should visit for great food and atmosphere.  Plus, Jeff is also a board member within the Tardy Foundation.  Great guy, great heart.  

Eilene was also at the rotary booth.  She is one of the best real estate agents in the area, working with Murphy’s Real Estate.  She had just returned from a 2 week scuba diving trip in the islands.  Anybody feeling sorry for her??????? 

Laurie and Cynthia were 2 very smiling faces that greeted me in the registration tent.  They were in charge of what is the most important part of registration—-the shirts.  They were a wonderful way to start  my day.

Then there was Jim, Jim and (help I can’t remember).  They were some of the large number of people keeping things moving and, even dealing with thousands of people like you and me, kept smiling. 

Without people like the ones you just read about there would be no races to attend.  So treat the volunteers with the respect they deserve and don’t forget to thank them for their help.  There are 3 entries to read after this one, including some amazing stories about the runners and walkers.

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